Preparing for the Home Inspection

After months of searching, you have finally accepted an offer to buy your own house. All that remains is the condition of inspection and financing which leaves you with some questions. Did you know that many sales do not materialize as a result of this inspection? How to find a reliable and affordable inspection service in your area? What are the key points to work on before the licensed  home inspector visits you? Read the below points carefully and avail your chance to experience the best home and building inspection services in New York.

The building inspector will always perform a visual inspection of the building – not destructive as opening the walls to detect the source of the problem.

There are small things to do to prevent some of the details from being noted in the report, and that it may scare away potential buyers.

Often, people sell their homes and do not check anything before the inspection. The inspector then raises several small issues and buyers prefer to go out rather than waiting for everything to be repaired.

Do it so before! I happened to pay an inspector to check the building I wanted to sell so that I could fix the problems before having a serious buyer.

  1. Lighting

Make sure all lighting systems work. The inspector will not replace the bulb, he will note instead: Room lighting # 1 not functional. Replace the bulbs or repair as needed, indoors and outdoors.

  1. Inspect the house

Go around the house and check the water heater, which should not be more than 10 years old. If you can, take a look in the attic to check for leaks. Do all your baseboard heaters work?

Is your furnace functional? If there is no fuel left, add it to make sure the inspector can operate it. Does your heat pump or air conditioner work well? Does your electrical panel and environment look like a spaghetti dish, full of wires and dubious fittings? Get an electrician to review everything.

  1. The outside

Make sure that the gutters are clean and that there are ducts at the bottom that drain the water away from the foundation. What is the state of the exterior cladding? Do you need to touch up paint? To redo the silicone seals? Is the chime working well? Is it the jungle at home?

Take the time to prune trees and shrubs, and make sure they are not too close to the roof or foundation. Does your entry require minor repairs or painting?

  1. The windows

Make sure you can open all the windows; clean the slides if necessary or add lubricant. Are the mosquito nets in good condition? Do you have broken windows?

  1. Plumbing

Check that all faucets open easily and do not leak. A lubricant or seal will often solve most problems. Do the toilets work well? Is the water pressure good?

I bought a duplex and there was no pressure on the second floor. The duct that brought the water was made of steel and almost 100% clogged. $ 1000 work was needed to replace the whole thing.

  1. Detectors

Do the smoke detectors work? And what about for carbon monoxide detectors? Do you have water leak detectors?

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Better to prepare before the arrival of the inspector after. It’s too late if a potential buyer has been scared away.Anything you repair in advance will not appear on the home inspector’s report. The smaller the ratio, the better your chances.

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